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North Star Academy Charter School of Newark 2010 NBR School

North Star Academy School District
Newark, New Jersey

North Star Academy Charter School of Newark (North Star) was founded in 1997 to improve outcomes for youth in Newark, NJ. Today, 100% of North Star graduates are accepted to four-year colleges and 72% of North Star alumni have graduated or are on track to graduate from college.

Principal James Verrilli, a co-founder of North Star Academy Charter School, credits the school’s intentional, college-bound culture, and tightly designed instructional systems. The expectations that every North Star student will go to college permeates the school culture, from the morning meetings that affirm the school’s core values of responsibility, caring, courage, and respect, to individual classrooms, each of which takes the name of a college or university. North Star creates its own curriculum (lesson plans, activities, and tests ) based on New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) and college readiness standards—and stays in touch with alumni to ensure they are on track for college graduation and to inspire current North Star students.

A carefully designed professional development system provides teachers with ongoing classroom observations from peer instructional leaders. This intense and ongoing coaching of teachers helps ensure that students, many of whom enter North Star well behind their grade-level peers, recover lost academic ground and steadily climb the mountain to college.

Training Olympic-Level Teachers

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College For All Students

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Contact Information

Principal and Co-Founder James Verilli
North Star Academy Charter School of Newark
10 Washington Place
Newark, NJ 07102-3106
Telephone: (973) 642-0101
Web site/URL:

Student Demographics

909 Students, K – 12

Black or African American 83%
Hispanic or Latino 16%
Asian 1%
Student mobility rate during the past year 8%
Students with Limited English Proficiency 0%
Students eligible for subsidized meals 80%
Students Receiving Special Education Services 7%


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